Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Do November 11th and We Are Called For The Baptism of The Holy Spirit Have in Common?

A day of great pain mingled with great joy is what can be said about November 11th. It was a day marked down in history as the end of a grueling war. A day of victory as the troops prepared to return home and a day of anguish for those who would not be waiting for their loved ones to arrive. It is also a day that will soon be remembered as the day of release of a very significant book that also relates to the preservation of life. This is Dr. Norman King's life giving book, We Are Called For The Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It too relates to a war. Not only a war to preserve life but a war to save the spirit of all mankind.

The physical wars may come and go, but the spiritual warfare that exists on earth is continuous. It is far more dangerous in that it goes unrecognized as an attack on the eternal life of man, and creates the suffering the world is subjected to. Yet there is a resolution, and not by way of treaty. There is no compromise made with the enemy in this war, because the baptism of the Holy Spirit makes no deals with evil. This is the weaponry that man has available to them to become victors over their enemy, and yet they neglect to recognize it or make use of it.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit empowers any human being that will accept this gift of God to live not only this life in peace and harmony, but also provide the answers and solutions to others who are in pain and suffering from life itself. There is no greater gift waiting for mankind yet we continue to strive for plausible solutions to our woes that there is simply no answer for.
You need look no further than Dr. King's explanation and eye opening revelations of what the Holy Spirit can do in your life. A small investment in his book We Are Called For Baptism Of The Holy Spirit will set you on a path of life that you never knew existed

Friday, October 14, 2011

What's All This Talk About The Holy Spirit?

Those that haven't come to know Jesus as yet often get confused when they here references being made to the Holy Spirit. There is certainly a great many interpretations and opinions that are readily available, and this often leads to greater confusion. Have you ever wanted to explain something to someone and you just don't know the best way to describe it? Or you have had a feeling for something or someone, and you just can't put it into words? This is because you are unique and what you are experiencing is not something that you can explain. This is often what happens when someone is trying to explain their connection to the Holy Spirit. What they are experiencing is just so awesome and so profound there are no words to explain it.

If you are truly interested in the Holy Spirit, then the first thing you need to do is invite Jesus into your life and let him take control. He will be your teacher. If you have ever tried to read the bible and as yet have not given your life to Christ, then you may have found that you just couldn't understand the meaning in this Holy book. This is because you have not yet seen the light. Therefore you are trying to read in the dark. The moment you allow the light of Christ into your life you will discover that the words of the Bible all of a sudden have a whole new meaning.

Now you may be thinking that’s it. That’s all you need. Yes it is. Accepting Christ as your savior is all you need to become a heir of the kingdom of God, and you now have a passage to eternal life. But…there is more. How about the here and now? You have your future all looked after but there is this life that you are living now, and this is where the Holy Spirit comes in. This is where you will get the power to face any problem or any adversity that comes your way.

The holy spirit is just as easy to access as your salvation was. It means being baptized in the Holy Spirit. When a person surrenders themselves to Jesus and becomes saved it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off their shoulders. There is a peace beyond words. Now when they go the next step and become baptized in the Holy Spirit its as if they have been hit by lightening and are filled with a passion to share the gifts they have received from God.

To learn more about the baptism of the Holy Spirit be sure to read Dr. Norman King's book "We are called For The Baptism of The Holy Spirit". It will give you the guidance and understanding that you need.